Wilderness Trip of the Sierra Nevada and Surrounding


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Sand Wash Joshua Tree Covington Flat Quail Mountain 5814 ft.
This sandy trail is called “sand wash”. When heavy rain falls, flash
floods run on this trail. There is a mark every one mile.
Known as the park namesake from this tree. Joshua tree provides a good
indicator that you are in the Mojave Desert.
Many Joshua trees which withered were on the hill near Covington Flat.
The scene of many withered Joshua trees seems like the end of earth.
There is no trail to go for the Quail Mountain. We depend on a compass
and a map and aimed at the summit of the mountain carefully. Some snow
that fell a few days ago remain on the north side of the mountain.
The summit of Quail Mountain View from Quail Mountain Juniper Flats Arch Tree
We thought that the top of the mountain be narrow and steep. But, the summit
was wide and flat, as many tents can be set up.
Quail Mountain is the highest peak in Joshua Tree. You can enjoy the 360
degrees view from the top.
We went down the Quail Mountain, cross the Juniper Flat, and went back
to the California Riding and Hiking Trail.
At the foot of the Quail Mountain we found the arch of Joshua Tree. I thought
heavy full grown tree top down to the ground like the arch.
Horse Back Riding Cactus Desert Garden Mt. Ryan
We met horseback riders at Juniper Flats. They were enjoying the short
horse-riding trip between Ryan Mountain and Stubble Springs Loop trail
A typical cactus near Ryan Mountain. There is much kind of cactuses in
Joshua Tree. 
A vast and beautiful plain spread out the east of the Ryan Mountain. Here
is a garden of desert plants and rocks.
This is the spectacle which looked down on the northwest from the Ryan
Mountain 5,461 ft. You see Ryan campground is lower left. A right gently-sloping
mountain is Quail Mountain.
The Grove of Joshua Tree The Camp Sunrise Rock near Jumbo Rocks
Years ago Native American used this tree, which tough leaves were worked
into baskets and sandals, and ate flower buds and seeds. Right peak is   Ryan Mountain.
Campsite must be at least one mile from roads, 500 feet from trails. Here you can see the beautiful sunrise every morning. Jumbo Rocks campground is very popular for many characteristic rocks. The
campsite is sometimes full even in winter.
Flat Trail White Tank Campground Black-tailed Jackrabbit Mile Marker
This flat trail goes on for more than 10 miles. There are some tracks on
trail, but bicycles are prohibited.
Once, White Tank was a reservoir made using the rocks of this area. Now,
no water in this campground.
At near Bell campground, the rabbit appeared from bush. He is very busy,
ran and stopped again and again around us.
The 37.3 miles trail is almost over.
You see the town of Twentynine Palms over the hill.